Monday, 26 August 2013

Ramen Review 3.0 =)

Hello wonderful humans of the interwebs!

I haven't had a breakfast picture in a little while, so BAM!
Cinnamon apple oatmeal with yogurt and almonds on top. The other half of the apple and a boiled egg on the side ;)
Now, on with the review!

I don't normally eat a lot of ramen or instant noodles, but when I do, I try to jazz them up with side dishes to make them feel less unhealthy. Today's ramen hails from Indonesia! I actually first had this a while ago back in high school, but I forgot how delicious it was until I decided to make a pack at my dad's workplace. It is a dry noodle once again, meaning after you cook it, you would drain the water and then mix in the flavours.

Here's a picture of the package and the noodles cooked and mixed with Korean fish cakes on top. I would normally do more to jazz it up, but due to lack of ingredients and being at my dad's workplace, this was all I could do. But it still tasted awesome!

Package of 5 noodles. =D
Tada~ It was so delicious. I wish I had an egg, but there are restrictions to what I can do at work =P
All in all, this goes up there with the Gomtang and the Bibimmen. I would argue that this tastes better than the Bibimmen as well. ;) The size of the pack of noodles is smaller than the other ones, but the flavour does not suffer from it! Like people always say, size doesn't matter. It's what you can do with it. (Or maybe I'm butchering the saying. Oh well! I've always been quite clueless and naive anyway =D)

Coming at 200 calories per packet, I would say this is the better alternative to fast food for lunch. If you know you don't have much time for lunch at work or school, or you're just feeling a lazy day coming on, give this a try and you might be pleasantly surprised. Most people think only Japanese instant ramen is the way to go, but going out of that mainstream and trying something out might just surprise you.

Never live life in a routine. Switch up your meals, try out new things. And always love what you do, so you never have to live with regrets. ;)

Smile for me and try something new today!