Thursday, 15 August 2013

Ramen Review 2.0 (Bibim men)

Well hello there interweb dwellers =)

Today I attempt to do a short review on what I think about the bibim men. It is a Korean instant noodle, and it is served cold, without water/soup. First off, here's a picture the packet of noodles, and of how I ate it a few days ago.
Why do instant noodle companies always make it look so good?
It doesn't look like the picture, but boy did it taste good. 
Now, if any of you have had the Korean Bibimbap, then you would probably enjoy this one. It tastes pretty much the same (minus all the yummy veggies/meat...but you can put that in yourself), except it's really really spicy. Maybe it's just me...I normally don't put that much spicy sauce over my bibimbap, but this one tastes so good I just couldn't help it.

You just cook it like normal instant noodle. Boil it in water until the desired softness/firmness. Then, you would have to run it under cold water. This separates the noodles and stops it from continuing to cook. Then you just put the packet of spicy sauce over it and mix it all together. Once your noodles are saturated with the sauce, go ahead and add any vegetables and meats that you want. Make sure to cut/chop them into strips (kind of like match-stick sized) I normally do it that way, but on this particular occasion, I was at work with my dad and it wasn't feasible to waste so much time chopping things up.

I love this noodle because it satisfies my craving for Korean food most of the time. It tastes good, and is easy to make. A little twist on normal instant noodles where there is always soup and it is always served hot. On a steamy summer day, having a hot bowl of spicy noodles doesn't sound too good.

Maybe you can try it some day. =)

Until next time my lovely humans!