Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Humans of the interwebs...Welcome~

So ... As I mentioned before, I don't know how to ride a bike. My boyfriend mad it a mission to teach me how to ride a bike, and I would first like to say that I succeeded!!! Yay~ However, I had to get past the stares some people gave me. After a little bit I was just like "You know what? Screw your judgement! I'm here busting my ass trying to learn something useful and you're going to laugh at me in your head? Go ahead. I'm a better person today!" There were some other people who encouraged me. They even clapped and cheered me on! It shows me that there is still hope in the human race!

So on Tuesday, we went to Toronto Centre Island and rented out a bike for me, and I learned. I also took some pictures of scenery like a tourist (since I haven't been there since I was 7-9 years old) Enjoy~
Yay~ Fountain! I later saw a kid "swimming" in this exact fountain...
Another vertically water spraying thing!
My fail pose in front of fountain ... =(
I look like I'm on the phone, but I promise you...I'm not.
These flowers looked pretty nice. So I took a picture.
Now they don't look so special any more. 
This duck was not afraid of humans at all! Cutie.
After about an hour of fear and hard work, I was able to ride in a straight line.
I was even able to glance at the camera! 
Look at that level 10 concentration!
I treated myself to some delicious roasted corn after the bike ride. Delicious!
I had butter and sea salt added to it. 
The Toronto skyline from while we waited for the ferry to come pick us up. It was really cold.
While we were waiting, I picked a little flower from the gates while waiting for the ferry. Pretty. 
 We were supposed to try the tandem bike, swan boats, jet ski, or paddle boards today, but it got too cold so we had to go home. I was not dressed for the sudden cold weather (I know...I was hoping for more of summer weather and sunshine). If you know Toronto, you know what I mean. It is warm enough for tank top and shorts, then 3 hours later you'll need a jacket and long pants. I envy the humans who live in California sometimes...minus the humidity =P

Here's a video shot of me biking. Lucas had to run with me to make sure I didn't fall. He was such a sweetheart.

Until next time! Stay weird and unique ;)