Sunday, 1 September 2013

Got my Arse kicked by a common summer cold

Well hello again my internet friends =)

I have been MIA for a week now...and will probably continue to be away for longer (on the YouTubez) because my sickness. Yes, I got my bottom handed to me by a summer cold. I don't remember ever catching a summer cold before, and this one is killer. I take pride in having a pretty awesome immune system. I can usually beat out a cold in 2-5 days if I catch it at the beginning sore throat stage. Although I caught it at the sore throat stage this time, it is still taking long. I even lost my voice completely. My family has been making fun of my whispering then at my squeakiness, then at my "croaking", and even now at my cracking voice. They have been making fun of me this whole trip. =( I blame whoever it was that coughed over my keyboard (not that I caught anyone doing that...but if I did...). I swear someone infected me...

Now enough of the pity party. I wanted to share somethings that kept me going and helped me survive this horrendous time. Three things:

  1. Honey Citron Tea (the Koreans know their shiet)
  2. Honey Lemon Tea/Water (Chinese parents know best)
  3. Chicken Noodle Soup (the "White" folk have some good stuff)
If you're Caucasian, you'll be all like "well DUH. Chicken Noodle Soup is the way to go. Screw all that other stuff." But if you are a Chinese kid, growing up in a traditional Chinese know what I mean by "Chicken is taboo when you are sick". They take this stuff so seriously, I was banned from having anything made with chicken...from my best friends. My dad never really restricted my diet when I got sick. If I were to ever feel like having chips, he'd be like "k. Your choice. You know the consequences. If you still wanna eat it, go crazy." I loved that about him. He trusted me as a 7 year old to know my limits. Now, I never went crazy and devour bags and bags of Lays. I had maybe a handful to satisfy a craving. I would even take my meds before I ate junk foods. ;) So I guess you could say I was kinda spoiled, but yeah. I love me some Chicken Noodle Soup especially when I'm feeling sick. 
Chicken noodle soup! I was a little naughty and played with my food here. Goldfish crackers FTW!
The Honey Citron Tea thing is the newest addition to my "Sick person regime". One of my best friends bought a jar of this stuff and made it for another one of my BFFs. They then went on to rave about how comforting it is to have it when they're sick or feeling icky. Me being the all Korean things loving person, went out to buy a jar for myself a while before I even got sick just to try it out. Thank goodness I made this purchase. It was heavenly when I got sick. 
The brand of Honey Citron Tea that I bought. So delicious.
I would put approximately one tablespoon of the Honey Citron into my giant Eeyore mug, and fill it up with piping hot water. Depending on my mood, I added a slice of lemon on top. Sometimes I would squish the lemon slice to release some more of it's juices/taste into the water. 

Onto the good old Honey Lemon Tea/Water. I grew up drinking this whenever I had a sore throat, or when I went to karaoke. It soothes the throat and it just tastes good. Some humans like to do this with green tea, others would just do it with plain water. I do either depending on my mood, but for this sick period I tended to do water more than tea mainly because I didn't want to be drinking any diuretics at all. I wanted to retain as much of the fluid as possible to use it to flush out toxins. 
Honey Lemon Water. Deliciously fresh. 
To make this drink:
Prepare a nice large mug. Put one tablespoon (or more depending on your love of sweetness) of honey into the mug. Add some water to dissolve the honey (I use hot water, but some people don't like using hot water because hot water plus honey = constipation or something?) Then slice 3-4 slices of lemon (also depending on your taste) and add it to the mug. Fill the mug up with hot water and mix. If you would like (and it is better this way), use a spoon to smoosh the lemon to release some of its juices. 

Of course a lot of resting helped me heal faster as well. I was in bed most of the time. I had to get out of bed to make food and feed myself, but one of those days my boyfriend brought me soup and a grilled-cheese sandwich (because I was craving it so much I just couldn't stand it any more). On all the other days, I tried to stay in bed and rest for as long as possible. I would only get out of bed/my room to refill my cup with water, or make myself one of the drinks mentioned above. I had some apple juice boxes too. Those were pretty amazing. Oh! Here's a picture. They're amazing because look how cute!!!
Winnie the Pooh juice box. AND it's organic. How amazing is that? <3
If you have to fight this awful battle with a summer cold, or any cold for that matter, give those drinks a go. It might help you heal faster, or it's just really comforting to drink these hot liquids that taste heavenly. If you're not sick at all, you can STILL drink them. They don't harm you in anyway. Remember to stay rested, drink hot liquids, dress appropriately, and be safe and smart!

Hopefully I'll be back soon with a more cheerful and awesome post. Look forward to it? ;)
Enjoy the last bit of summer!

Until next time humans~