Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My Sudden Artsy Urges...

Well hello there humans of the interwebs! (I also welcome you aliens =D)

Remember when I said on Sunday I went out to buy some crafting supplies? Well, I used those this past Monday. I went up to my dad's workplace and "borrowed" the heat gun. Now, a certain type of art has been trending lately, and I really, really, REALLY enjoyed the look of them. That would be the crayon melting thing....So I decided to make my own! Now...I'm not allowed to hang pictures/frames/canvas in my room because I'm not allowed to put nails into my walls, SOOOOOO I got some 3M tape and I will be redecorating my walls with artwork! This is what my vision looked like:

After Sketching out how I would want my canvases to look like, I went ahead and did my first attempt.
A Totoro standing in rainbow coloured rain. 
After the first attempt, I realized what I did wrong in taping the barrier to protect my silhouette. So I tried again with another one.
A loving couple kissing under the rainbow rain. 
This one turned out so beautifully that I wanted to run around and show the world. So technically speaking...that's exactly what I've done by posting it.

Now the last piece to my "vision" was so much fun to do.
The last piece to my vision. 
I had one more canvas left over and one of my friend's birthday is coming up. I decided to try something else and make her something to put in her room either at her home or in her dorm. I hope she doesn't read this until I visit her to celebrate her birthday early...heh...=\
One part of my friend's birthday present. =)
Do you guys think I did a good job? I think I did pretty good!

Anywhoooooooos, see you next time <3