Sunday, 18 August 2013

I went to a beach!

Haro my lovely humans and aliens!
This past weekend I made a most amazing visit to one of my Uni friends who lives in Oshawa. We decided to not overload ourselves with baking this time, and actually enjoy ourselves and the good weather. (Normally we would spend 1.5 days baking and cooking food...not exaggerating or joking)

I arrived on the Friday with Lucas, and we just had chicken tacos. Being the derp that I am, I was too hungry to remember to take a picture of the food...I'm so sorry :c But here's a picture of Lucas with a suction cup thing on his glasses. I hope that's consolation enough?
Slightly creepy? =D lols
Saturday morning came, and another human joined this little party. We made a healthy-ish breakfast. Another tradition at these get-togethers is bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. (We generally have one pack a day) The boys had bacon and eggs with toast, and us girls had apple cinnamon oatmeal and bacon.
Delicious Apple cinnamon oatmeal in the pot. Healthy and Delicious <3
Our giant pile of bacon. Mmm...
After that, we packed and changed and got ready for the beach. We went to Cobourg beach or Victoria beach for the afternoon. It was such an amazing day, and we feasted on cherries, watermelon, and veggie chips/snacks. (Which of course I don't have a picture of...I really need to be more diligent with my camera) However, I managed to remember to take some pictures of us derping around at the beach! Not as many as I would have liked, but still enough =)

Happy days~ Sam was so excited that I had a mini LCD screen on the front of my camera. 
Happy huggles! <3
Our view. It was pretty amazing for Lake Ontario.
This little cutie was trying to make a piece of floating toast (square) from sand. 
Lucas and our other human friend trying to figure out what they wanted to make.
And the preparations begin!
We didn't have he had to try to build with an empty juice box. 
He ended up trying to make a pyramid. 
Finishing touches...
Voila! A beautiful pyramid. (We semi buried it when we were leaving)
Baking myself like a potato. Flipping every 30 minutes for an even colouring on both sides. =D
This is the mess we made. =D So much fun! Food and snackies in the Costco bag.
This was my beach outfit for the day time. I transfered to a night look (more warm) later on, but there is no picture for that. I'm sorry =( But I might end up re-doing the look for a beach essentials video so I'll post it if I end up making one.
After we were done at the beach, we just had to stop by a Starbucks for refreshments. (We had water at the beach and apple juice...but common. It's Starbucks. You don't really need a reason to go there.) I ended up getting the Cool Lime Refresher because I am currently obsessed with it. The barista also made an accident and made me a Venti instead of a Grande so I got a little extra ;) I was not complaining.
Cool Lime Refresher. Doesn't it just look so...fresh? 
We ended up being too tired to go home and cook dinner, so we just went to Milestone's. I ordered their Original Bellini and the Top Sirloin, Simply Grilled. Instead of their delicious mashed potatoes, I went for extra veggies because I didn't feel like being that unhealthy (plus, I love veggies). Silly me only took a picture of the drink because by the time the food came, I had only one thought. EAT!
If you haven't had one of these yet (if you're legal), you're missing out!
It's well worth the money. So delicious!
After all that food, we were supposed to be too full to have more food. Nope! We ended up heading over to the Menchies nearby for some delicious Froyo. It was a pretty amazing dessert.
My delicious baby. Chocolate-Vanilla Swirled together topped with candy coated chocolate chips and fresh strawberries. Mmmmmm....drool worthy. 
Sunday morning came, and we all ended up sleeping in. We made some French Toast, and the boys had extra eggs on the side. The girls (myself and Samantha) just had the French Toast with a lot of fruit on the side. And of course, we had to have our bacon. I had a boiled egg on the side for both breakfast meals. (By the time I was done cooking with Sam, we were both too hungry to remember to take a picture of our plates. So the pictures are generally from when we plated for the boys)
The bowl of fruit which was shared between two people.
(Even though I could have totally devoured all that myself, but I had to save room for bacon)
The boys' breakfast. Scrambled eggs, French toast with organic syrup and bacon.
We all had more bacon than that, but this was just for the sake of taking a picture. 
We spent all Sunday afternoon playing boardgames and just lazing around. First we played two games of Munchkins, then we proceeded to play Gloom. Munchkins is basically an RPG game in card form. It is really fun and has a lot of expansions. There are classes (Warriors, Wizards, Thieves, etc), and races (Elf, Half-ling, Dwarf, etc), and monsters (Plutonium Dragon, Lawyers, Pukachu, etc.), and the first person to reach level 10 is the winner. (Yes, I may be a little bit of a geek/nerd on the inside...fine I'm a lot of a geek on the inside. Shh!)
Munchin Deluxe on my coffee table. (Deluxe just means you get a board to count your levels. I know people who just write it down or use dice to count their level)
Another game we all enjoyed playing was Fluxx. We own the Zombie version of the game, and it is pretty fun. It is a game with no rules and many rules at the same time. The rules change as the game goes, and so do the goals (requirements to win the game). So it's a pretty unpredictable game, and I'm pretty sure you wont be getting bored of it any time soon. ;)
Zombie Fluxx on my coffee table. 
Gloom is a story-telling card game, where the objective is to make your family as miserable (negative points) as possible, and then kill them off. While at the same time, you want to make your opponents as happy (positive) as possible and then kill them off. This is a super fun game where you have to invent story lines for your own characters and the characters of the other players' and weave everyone's story line together to create a superbly tragic story. It's amazing to see what everyone can create.
Gloom on my coffee table.
Gloom being played on Sam's kitchen table. =D
After the games, it was time to make lunch/dinner. For the sake of not being too confused, we shall call it Lunner. =) We decided to make hamburgers! Or cheeseburgers for those of us who added a slice of cheese. The boys had a relatively normal burger with their buns and all. Us girls decided to skip the buns and use two giant portobello mushrooms as buns. (We modified a recipe from Blogilates for this)
The "real" hamburger. 
The healthy burger! I had to eat this with fork and knife. Classy ;)
Here's a link to the original recipe if you were interested in swapping out your normal hamburger for something healthier. =)

One of the real reasons for this visit was to celebrate Samantha's 22nd birthday! (it's on the 20th so technically we celebrated it early) Lucas will be celebrating his 23rd birthday quite soon (the 23rd) so we decided to do a combined cake. It was so much fun and we all had a blast. Happy birthday Sammie and Lucas! <3
Doesn't it look cute?
This is how it looks like if we were birds...and the candles were lit up. 
It was a combined birthday celebration, so of course they had to cut the cake together!
This will be the end of my post for today! I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and I hope one day I can come back and reminisce about this and have a giant smile on my face. Just typing this up and uploading these pictures is going to keep a smile on my face when I sleep.

Well, this post is hella long! So I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend! It is 2am where I live, and it is time for this little one (me) to go to bed!

 I'll see you next time!