Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ramen review! (Paldo Gomtang)

Hello humans of the interwebs!

It is 1:04am right now, and I should really be in bed. =___=; but I really felt like I should post this up before I pass out for the night. Let's start with a mouth watering picture of my breakfast!
Congee with a little mountain of lettuce, a hard-boiled egg and a long Chinese donut. 
Now onto the ramen review! Technically, it should be called a ramyeon (라면) review since it is a Korean instant noodle. This one is by Paldo, called the GomTang (곰탕), and it is the Beef-Bone Soup (설렁탕) flavor. My family and I love the one in the bag/package form, and we read off somewhere that the cup noodle tastes better. So seeing as it was 11pm or so, and none of us were asleep, we decided to have some midnight snack. 
Original Package style.
Cup Noodle style. 
First, we made the cup noodle and tasted it. It was okay. Nothing too special, but we all preferred the original packet. So we made one of the original packet to make sure we weren't just being biased because we didn't remember the taste. And the verdict was still the same. We even ate it with alternating bites to make sure which would be the winner. The taste is more pure in the original, and the colour of the soup looks different too. I don't have a picture of the soups/noodles themselves (we devoured everything before I even remember to take a picture), but I assure you that they look different. My dad said that the cup noodle one has an "old" taste to it...maybe some would say kind of musty? I think it was because the cup noodle came with the dried veggies. It altered the taste in a bad way.

Anyway, after the hot and salty snack, I felt the need to have something sweet and cold. So I took out the "popsicles" I made two days before. I took out the ice tray to be exact, and this is what they looked like.
They look so ... round lol 
They tasted so good!
My little brother had some of these with me, while my dad took a popsicle. While they both taste the same to me, I preferred the popsicles because I had added strawberry slices into them. The ones in the ice tray was just the mixture, and both my brother and dad complained about it not being sweet enough. =___=; Oddly enough, my brother also claimed that the circular ice-balls tasted better than the pointed ones. I tried it and they tasted the same to me!

I hope you all had a wonderful day! Remember, being healthy doesn't always mean counting calories and fretting over every little thing. Some times doing that can ruin your mentality about life. Sit back and enjoy life a little bit.

Be cool, and until next time!