Monday, 30 September 2013

Daddy's Birthday!

Hello wonderful humans of the interwebs!!!

This past weekend, a lot of wonderful things happened! On Saturday, I attended my cousin's bestfriend's wedding. The food was pretty good, and there was a dessert and seafood buffet at the end of the party. It was also open bar! (I swear I've got my drinking under control ^-^) So...being the horrible glutton that I am, I totally forgot to take pictures of all my food before eating it. (I know, I expected it) BUT! I did manage to remember to take a picture of the adorable fruit shaped ice cream. ;)

The outside shell was orange flavoured and I think the inside was butterscotch. =3

Lucas did a silly thing and made the ice cream into an alien XD

I also took pictures of mine and Lucas' drinks at one point of the night.
On the left is the KamiKaze, and on the right is the Pink Panther.
I had a Green Lantern earlier on in the night and I preferred it over these other two.
Both myself and Lucas ended up going up to the bar multiple times. The bartender was really nice and sweet.
Definitely deserved the large tip we ended up giving him by the end of the night.

We took some pictures of our time there, but I'm not sure which of them would be ok with their faces shown...sooooooo I will only show these two ;)

Nice photo of myself and Lucas at the reception. Taken by my lovely lil bro.

The lovely lil bro mentioned above refused to hug me.
He is fussy about his image, so I blocked his face with an equally cute smiley.

Then on Sunday, it was my dad's birthday! I was going to go out to buy a cake since I was feeling pretty tired from the night before (but not hungover =D) But I knew he's been wanting me to bake him a cake for a while. So I put my big girl pants on and braved a day of baking. I ended up making more than just a birthday cake...but if you know me, this shouldn't really come as a surprise. XD
The final result of the birthday cake I worked so hard for.

Left: Extra cake batter so I made cupcakes
Middle: Lemon poppy seed quinoa muffins
Right: Gluten-free strawberry lemon muffins
I also made mini lemon poppy seed ones, but I forgot to take a picture of the cuties.

My daddy loved it! <3

We ate our cake with fancy tea cups. I chose the one with roses that night. 

This morning I had my green tea in a purple fancy cup. =3 

Anyways~ I hope you guys enjoyed this small update as to what has been going on. I've been super busy with helping out at my dad's work and at home, but it's been really fun and eventful. I hope everyone is enjoying their debut to the fall season! I am hoping to have one day to un-vacuum pack my winter/fall clothes and pack away my summer clothes (and officially saying goodbye to the warm weather)

See you all next time~