Saturday, 7 September 2013

Am I a fussy eater? Also...I passed!

Hello my wonderful addicts to the interwebs!

How are you all on this wonderfully rainy day? (it's pouring in Toronto) I have some wonderful news to share with you guys! If you read my post ... a while back about my drivers license being expired, I was pretty sad about that. Since I would have to do my testing all over again right? NOPE! Apparently if I went into the centre to book a test, they would give me a temporary license and I would be able to keep driving and take the test to get my permanent license. =D

My test was this past Thursday. One small detail about me that some don't know is that I get really anxious/nervous with anything labelled a test/exam. I normally don't look like I'm a bundle of nerves since I keep to myself and just listen to music, but inside I am definitely freaking out and sometimes you can catch me shaking. On this day, I had the support of my dad, step-mom, and boyfriend. They also had more faith in my abilities than I did. They had no doubt that I would pass. (Love them ;))

First of all, I would like to say that I passed! Yay~ Secondly, I wanted to share what happened during my test. So, when the examiner came out to check the car, he told me one of my wheels didn't have enough air, and he wouldn't conduct the test like that. So I had to pump up the wheel and wait in line again. After that, we were ready to go. Now, I was waiting at a light to turn right (I know I can turn on a red, but keep reading) as I stopped behind the thick white line, I was getting ready to check and turn right. There were no other car(s) in front of me, but suddenly a car reversed from the intersection into my lane. In my head, I was already freaking out because something else unplanned just happened.
I tried to make light of the situation and told the examiner "Well that's new and unsafe...heh..."
and what he said to me really surprised me. "I passed that guy two weeks ago........"
I'm not sure if he was for real or not, but that was hilarious and sad at the same time! Hilarious cuz he remembered, and sad because now we know people drive like arse-holes outside of the testing centre.

After that, I waited for the green to turn because the guy in front of me clearly wasn't turning. After we turned, we saw that the guy was reversing because there was a traffic jam because of an accident. Now we were behind schedule and I was stuck in traffic with an examiner for 20 minutes. We just made small talk because it would be too awkward and unnerving to sit there in silence. (I think that might be one reason why he was nicer in his testing my driving) After the section passed, we went onto the highway and all was good. I came back to the centre and he said "Well, after taking that long on your test, your family probably thinks I kidnapped you, but congratulations, you passed."

I have to say that man was really nice and I had a great experience taking a test (for once).

Yup, that's all I wanted to say about my driving test experience. Sorry you had to read a giant block of text and I don't have pictures to show you (my new license is being processed and mailed).

On another note, my voice seems to be good enough to continue my YouTube adventures. I posted a video titled "The Fussy Food Tag" and explained myself (my absence due to sickness...jeez this feels like I'm making an excuse for not going to school. Lol) to my "viewers". You can be the judge to whether or not I'm a fussy eater. ;) I would say I'm an indecisive eater more than a fussy/picky one.

Anywhos, I hope you all enjoyed this LOOOOoooooong block of text and I will hopefully have a nicer looking blog for you all next time (with more pictures ^-^).