Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dumplings and Deliciousness =3

Hello wonderful world of the interwebs!

How is everyone doing? Here in Toronto, the weather has been cooling down quickly. I have had to transition into my tights, leggings, and sweaters already! It is sad to see Summer go, but I have go to say that I am loving this fall. =) I can't wait to cuddle up to something fuzzy and drink hot drinks in front of the fireplace. ;) Share with me your favourite things about fall?

So, remember last time when I told you all that I had guests over for a month? Well...I've been greedy and keeping this to myself a little too long. I had the pleasure of having the traditional home-made dumplings. Everything was made from scratch; from the dumpling skins to the delicious mixture on the inside.

If you've never had them this way, you will have to try it out. I swear to you that you will never want to go back. (But realistically, no one really has the time to make this all the time.)

These little babies are ready to be chucked into a pot of boiling water. 

Freshly done dumplings. These didn't have shrimp in them (cuz I'm allergic)

Oh the delicious concoction of chilli oil and soya sauce. Can't have dumplings without it.

This...I have no name for this. We called it "Da Lu Mien" It's just super delicious =3
Then the next morning, I decided to reciprocate and make a delicious omelette breakfast/brunch.
Spinach, ham, tomato, havarti cheese omlette with sprouted toast and a spinach salad on the side.
Nutritiously delicious. 
The weekend after that, I also made pancakes! I made a gluten-free version as well.
There are layers in this plate. Normal pancakes and the gluten-free ones. Served with fresh berries!
Gluten-free - 1 banana and 2 eggs (Recipe found from Cassie from Blogilates)

We've been having some really simple and delicious Chinese dinners too!
Top Left: Steamed ground pork with a salty preserved egg on top
Top Right: Bitter melon stir-fried with bbq pork (not traditional, but oh so delicious)
Middle left: Boiled Shanghai bok choy
Middle Right: Boiled spinach
Bottom: Tomato and scrambled eggs
All this served with a steaming hot bowl of mixed rice (brown, white and wild grains with quinoa)

Top Left: Stir-fried Chinese broccoli
Top Right: Potato, Green pepper, Carrot, pork stir-fry
Bottom Left: Potato, carrot, apple, cucumber salad
Bottom Right: Beijing style stewed pork
Last but most definitely not least, something tragic but interesting happened while at work with my dad this week. You know how you go buy a cup of coffee, but you fall asleep and then it gets cold. You decide to microwave it to warm it up? Yeah...that normally works well. Until you press the wrong times on the microwave.

That's all! I hope to write more often soon! Stay tuned! ;)