Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wonderful guests have arrived!

Hello there internet friends!
Can I call you guys my friends? =) If not, then you can consider yourself just a normal human ;) I don't mind. Anyways~ Something exciting happened recently! My stepmom's parents came to visit form Hong Kong on Friday, and they will be staying for a little over a month. It's been pretty cool so far.

I wanted to make them lunch today, and I made it diabetic friendly because one of them is diabetic. It was a most delicious meal. It consisted of:
Cilantro-lime quinoa stuffed into a small tomato
Bed of Spinach
3oz Salmon fillet

My portion of healthy diabetic friendly lunch. 
First, I cooked some plain quinoa. Then I started to grill the salmon. As soon as the salmon was almost done, I juiced half a lime into the quinoa and added a tablespoon of cilantro. (You can do this to rice and it will taste heavenly) After seasoning the quinoa, I stuffed it into a small tomato (you can choose to bake it in an oven at this point) I continued to add some spinach to a plate (you can choose to cook your spinach or use other veggies here), place the salmon and the stuffed tomato on top of the spinach and fill the other side of the plate with an assortment of other vegetables. (I used cucumber)

This lunch had a really good response ^^ they both loved it and wanted to know what quinoa was called in Chinese. (Unfortunately I didn't know the answer to that....and I still don't)

Right when the lunch was finished, I proceeded to prepare ingredients to make dinner. :3

Home-cooked Real Chinese food.
This is what I ended up making. I consider this "real" home-cooked Chinese food, but this is only what certain regions of China will consider that. My dad is from GuangZhou so this is what we like to eat. Top left we have steamed ground pork with a salty preserved duck egg on top. Top right we have stir-fried bitter melon with bbq pork (not very traditional, but we just wanted to use up the leftovers). Under the steamed ground pork we have boiled Shanghai Bok Choy, and beside that we have boiled spinach. At the very bottom we have Tomato Scrambled eggs (a very delicious dish). The tomato scrambled eggs from GuangZhou will tend to be sweet (made with add sugar) while the very same dish from Beijing will tend to be more salty (cooked without sugar). Interesting how the same dish can be so different to people of the same nationality, but from different regions of the country eh? (Eh. I'm so Canadian ;3 jk...) All this served with a bowl of mixed rice (white, brown and wild rice with quinoa)

We really enjoyed this meal. It was simple, and still quite delicious. When I went out to buy groceries for the food, I bumped into some Girl Guides. I needed to add this into this post because I haven't seen Girl Guide cookies in about 10 years. I have not had the chance to taste those delicious cookies in that long, and it really made me excited when I saw them today. I stopped and didn't hesitate to buy those damn mint chocolate cookies. They are so bad for me, but I couldn't help it. Those things are freaking expensive! $5 for a box of cookies (I ended up buying two boxes). But it was so worth it.

Girl Guide cookies. The mint Chocolate ones. (The best ones of course)
I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend too! I plan on making either pancakes or French toast tomorrow for breakfast/brunch for the family and guests. I don't think I'll be doing another post tomorrow, unless something unexpected or awesome happens. If you want to stay up to date with my food and pictures, feel free to stalk me on my instagram. ;)

Until next time ~