Sunday, 25 May 2014

Chrissy Travels: Episode 3.0 - Korea Part 1

Greetings everyone!

This is where my blogs will become more thorough. At this point in our vacation, two of the bfflz (best friends for lifez) have left to return to the extreme cold of Toronto. That left two of us to continue on with our journey to Korea. I am going to speak honestly and say I am obsessed with Korean pop culture, so for me to be able to go to Korea was mind boggling.

Warning: the dates will not match with previous two episodes because I will continue on with those later. I have left Beijing to head to Hong Kong to stay for the remainder of my journey (and Macau).

January 13, 2014 - We had an overnight flight to Incheon airport in Seoul. During breakfast at the hotel we were staying at in Hong Kong, two Korean ajummas (aunties) suddenly asked us something in Korean. At first I was like O____O wahhh.....then I clicked and actually ended up having a decent conversation with them! ( decent as my broken half Korean will go) Needless to say, that conversation boosted my confidence in being able to survive our trip to Korea. We followed a tour on this, so I didn't need much of my abilities anyway XD

January 14, 2014 - Arrived at Incheon airport and had a 삼각 김밥 (Triangular rice ball) Oh man. These taste amazing <3 Waaaaayyyy more yummy than the ones I can get in Toronto. :(  First stop was the ice gallery. We learned to make an ice mug! We then headed over to Insadong to look at their stationary and I had a 똥빵 - Doong bbang (poop bread). We had lunch, and went to the Women's University market where we went just a tad crazy on skin care ;) Then we went to a tiny seafood like restaurant with an amazing view and had a super yummy plain dinner and called it a night.
Mine and Janet's ice cups :)
Beautiful ice land <3
닭갈비 - dalk-kalbi. Chicken, cabbage, rice cake and rice stir fried in a big pan/pot. It was super yummy
Oh how I wanted to go over and kiss this display. GDragon paper statue in front of the Saem (A skincare and cosmetics store). 
The panoramic view outside of the small seafood restaurant. So calm and nice. 
버섯전골 - pork belly with cabbage and assorted mushrooms soup. You eat this with rice and the side dishes provided. 
I hope you have enjoyed the trip so far! In the next post, I will be showing you a ski resort in Korea. The same one where they filmed Winter Sonata. The place was super beautiful!