Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Another Weekend, Another Spontaneous Hangout Session

Hello humans!
This past weekend was interesting! I got to have a spontaneous dessert eating opportunity with my boyfriend and his best friend, and I got to hang out with my girlies! This time I was a good girl and took pictures of my desserts before I ate them. XD

WARNING: The following are mouthwatering photos of desserts we got from Sugar Marmalade. I apologize for any drooling I may cause you.
My mango drink! This had creamy mango juice, coconut milk, tiny sago balls, and aloe chunks.
Our friend got this desert. It had tiny sago balls, glutinous rice balls, coconut milk, ice cream and mixed fruits. Mmmm....
My boyfriend decided to get a Taiwanese styled mango shaved ice. 
My dessert. Coconut milk, mixed fruits with black glutinous rice on the bottom. Very filling. 
Then on Saturday, I had a hangout with some of my girlies. I didn't take many pictures of that because I wanted to enjoy and savour my time with them and just forget about life for a while. However, we managed to take this picture. 
Found a Monstrous Strawberry in the pack along with a normal sized one. Needless to say, we ate the giant strawberry happily ;)
Anywhoooooos, I have a lot of the blogs done now. The vlogs are taking much, MUCH longer because I have no idea why I was moving my hand/camera so much while filming. So I have gotten slightly nauseated while editing, meaning I do not wish to put everyone through that. So after I try to salvage the good parts, I will post something up. For now, please look forward to episode one of my trip. Shanghai!

Stay safe, healthy and happy :)