Monday, 12 May 2014

First Pakistani Wedding Experience

Humans of the interwebs!
I would like to invite you to share my experience at my close friend's wedding. This is the first ever Pakistani wedding I have ever went to. I have heard that they run from 2-3 days long, but unfortunately, I was only able to attend one of those days. I am also going to respect the couple's wishes and none of the pictures where they could be identified will be posted.

The wedding was at Maple Banquet Hall. A nice sized place for a cozy wedding. I loved the place, and it was decorated beautifully. During this day of the wedding, the ladies and gentlemen were separated in their own sections.
The theme was red and white I think. :)
This is the table I was sitting at. 
This is where the bride sat for the whole evening. We got to take pictures and chat with her. 
I got there on time (7pm) and turns out that you technically don't have to be there on time. People starting milling in from 7:40-8:20. Then the appetizers started at around 9ish. Main course was served at 10:30ish and then dessert at 11. All in all a super long night filled with pictures and food.

Her henna was done beautifully! And the dress!!! 
I only managed to take a picture of the dessert, but I absolutely loved the coffee cake. The little coffee cup design they put on it with chocolate was just adorable. 
That is all I can share for you! It was a most amazing time and I loved it. I wish the couple a most happy and long marriage filled with love and care. If you have experiences with other weddings please let me know! I'm at that age where everyone around me is getting engaged and

Until my next post lovelies!