Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Chrissy Travels: Episode 3.1 - Korea Part 2

Good day everyone!

This is coming a few days late...I wanted to do one every Sunday or so...I'm sorry, but I was kinda swamped :)

So continuing on with the most awesome Korea trip that we have all been anticipating for~ (maybe just me)

January 15, 2014 - We took a suuuuper long trip to the YongPyong ski resort (myself and bff didn't end up skiing since we live in Toronto and it's quite easy for us to go skiing if we wish). When we arrived at the resort, we rode the gondola up to Dragon's Peak. This was where they filmed a famous scene in the drama Winter Sonata, so we were super stoked to go (me especially since that was one of the first dramas ever to spark my interest) The resort was also connected to a water resort, so we played there. I went on a water slide for the first time in my life, and we both experienced water massage for the first time. Amazing place ;)
Saw snow for the first time since leaving Toronto. It felt so great. I felt like I was almost home <3
Walnut cakes at the rest stop. I wanted to compare these to the ones I can get in Toronto. Surprisingly, they are much sweeter than the ones I can get at home. But they were still lovely.
Saw a cage of random chickens and a rooster being guarded by a cute shivering shitzu. This was at the ski rentals place.
만두장구 - Dumpling noodle soup. Yummies <3
Beautiful walkway! I believe this was walking out of the Ice Gallery.
Sitting in the cable car to head up to Dragon's Peak.
All the humans skiing and having a great time 
This oppa was our photographer for the whole tour. He was great! He was also the one to teach me the names of all the foods that I had. 오빠 고마워요! 

Panoramic view from the Dragon's Peak. This is right when you get off the gondola. Beautiful!
A secluded area at the peak. I'm so happy to be here!!!
The place was still decorated for Christmas. It was really beautiful. 
The walkway to the resort from ski lodge at night. All lit up. Too bad I didn't go with my boyfriend, because this looks really romantic. 

불고기 - bulgogi. I thought I heard wrong at first, but apparently bulgogi comes in many different forms? This is the soup form. And lemme tell you, it is just as yummy!
Trying Makgeoli for the first time. It is a Korean rice wine, and you typically drink it out of a bowl like container. I enjoyed it quite a lot ;)
This is kind of longer than I expected, so I will post the next day in the next post! I will show you our Hanbok experience and other things in the next episode! Looking through my photos to put the most perfect ones on this blog is like reliving my vacation. I love it!