Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Honda Indy and Elvis Presley

Hi everyone!
Something super exciting happened this past weekend. I finally got to go to the Honda Indy! I hear it all the time and my dad actually does parts of the uniform for the Ferrari team, so I have always wanted to go see it. Also, I am not-so-secretly a car fanatic. ;)

Now, I had to work as a part of the K-team, so my footage is not as impressive as I would like them to be. Maybe I will go next year for fun? ;)

Funny how the first car I took a picture of was just the Honda Civic...but it's cute ;)
Samsung Galaxy S5 had a racecar at the Wind booth. It was pretty sexy ^-^
One of team Ferrari's race cars. I was more than ecstatic to see it <3
Team Ferrari's pit-stop crew! Do you see the baseball cap? That's what my daddy helped make for the team. <3
This is how empty it looked before everyone came in for fan day. :)
Obviously this is where I bought my lunch. I love Smoke's Poutinerie. 
This Honda Indy race car was balanced on tea cups. It is amazing. 
Hot Wheels had a little workshop here. The kids really loved it. I loved watching the smiling faces :)
Obviously there would be Medieval Times there, and these gentlemen...or Knights were kind enough to take pictures with me :D
More car pictures. These were in front of a booth for Import fest. A really attractive lady was there ;)

Of course there would be an Acura here too ;) Looking sleek!
Found this on the bench table as I was having my lunch break. Thought it looked weirdly cute. 
 On Wednesday, July 23, the K-Team was at Concerts in the Park, Vaughan. That day was special. There was an Elvis singing there! It was pretty amazing. We were serenaded into the evening and many people came to enjoy it.

Doesn't he look legit? 
The crowd. I didn't expect so many people! 
And a little close-up for you fans out there. This was near the end where he was covered in sweat....>_>;
And the beautiful sunset on a clear-ish sky at the end of the night. 

Thanks for reading this! I hope you all have had a great summer so far. I have started to appreciate the little things in life a little more. I feel like I'm actually starting to grow up because I no longer think the same way as I would a few years back. I'm grateful for everyone who have helped me along the way, and I look forward to meeting new friends and keeping the old ones who have supported me thus far. I hope you all have people in your whom you can hold dear and rely on. <3

Until next time my lovely humans and aliens alike!