Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Chrissy Travels: Episode 3.3 - Korea Part 4

I am sad to report that this will be the last post for the Korea part of my travels. The next one will be more for my experience in Hong Kong and Macau. These posts will be with and without my two bffs that had to return back to Toronto for work.

January 17, 2014 - We went to a seaweed emporium to taste test and buy the seaweeds that we liked, a super large ginseng store where we were tempted to buy Korean Ginseng, a giant skin care store where we were introduce to a brand called UBG, a casino + duty free mall where I hoarded the aloe gels, and finally Lotte World an amusement park where we just pigged out and explored.
돌쌰부 - shabu shabu type with pork and veggies. This was a good soup 
비빔밥 - bibimbap. The portion sizes was much smaller than ones in Toronto, but they were the perfect size for us!
The rooms of the Korean Palace. Just like in the dramas!
A type of game played in the olden days for aim. Reminds me of the games at fairs/carnivals. 
These are kimchi jars! That's what kimchi was made in during the older times. 
Sitting on these giant steps. Too bad I don't have a servant to help take my shoes off ;)
Lotte world! 

Super cute piggie <3

Wax figure...scared the crap out of me because it looks so real! There were wax figures in a historic part of Lotte World. I think it might have been the "adult" part. lol 
삼개탕 - Ginseng Chicken soup. Oh man, I have waited the WHOLE trip to try this dish. I have been meaning to try it in Toronto too, but just never had the chance to. I'm so glad I got to have this! We even go to have some Ginseng Soju to go with it. Lucky we are old enough to drink ;)
January 18, 2014 - We went to a jewellery store which sold Amethyst jewellery and then we headed to 명동 - MyeongDong. This was where my wallet was drained dry from cosmetics, skincare, kpop goods, and food.

This was the place we were told to tell taxi drivers to bring us if we were ever lost while we explored MyeongDong
Okay, so I couldn't resist having a picture with a cardboard cut out of GD...sue me.
Little baby bboong-oh bbangs! Fish shaped cookies with custard or red bean fillings. Super yummy. 
Soon-dae! Korean style sausage. Served with innards and special spicy salt. 
We ended up ordering a kimbap as well (korean sushi type thing) and we couldn't finish all our food. =\
Strawberry milk! OMG this tastes sooooooo good! You can get the same brand ones in Toronto, but they don't come in the plastic container. They come in little boxes, and lemme tell you...the difference is HUGE! These taste 1000000x better. :) The boxed ones are also much sweeter 
There are a few regrets from this trip to Korea, but that just means I will have to go back again! I regret not getting as many clothes as I had wanted. The super Asian part of me was thinking "But maybe I'll find a nicer one or a better deal later along the line!" I know better next time. :) Another regret was going with a tour group. Now that I know I can semi-survive on my broken Korean, I think I will go by myself/with friends next time instead of with a tour group.

The next time you read a Chrissy Travels blog will be the section of my vacation where I am in Macau. Keep in mind that I travelled to Macau twice. Once with all four of us, and another time just myself and one bff to visit my family. I apologize for any time gaps, but that's just how I roll ;)