Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sushi Galore! Toronto Edition

Hello everyone!
I have obviously been neglecting my duties as a "blogger" if I'm even one to begin with :) However, I have been enjoying life as one should. Also I have been transitioning back into going to school. So I guess I should apologize for not being around much.

On to the food! The past few days I have found myself have copious amounts of raw fish in the form of Sashimi and sushi/nigiri. I normally have nighttime adventures with my boyfriend and his best friend, where we would find food/desserts and just hang out. On Friday night, we were on a mission to get some dessert. However, it just somehow turned into going to have gourmet sushi. Now, I regret always forgetting to bring my camera to these occasions, so these iPhone photos will have to do.

The restaurant is called Ja Bistro. It was the most fancy and delicious sushi place I have been to. It was also NOT an AYCE (all you can eat) so you can imagine the dent in our wallets at the end of this. An innocent dessert run turned into a >$200 bill.

The front of the restaurant has this. Its quite cute. 

Non-alcoholic Lychee drink
Strawberry drink with wine.
Non-alcoholic Green tea Mojito.
Lobster miso soup. It was ok. I prefer normal miso soup :)
Sashimi Sampler Platter. This was not just beautiful. It was delicious. The fried fish bones on the bottom for decoration was edible too. They also had two types of soya sauce. One is sweeter and one is classic. 
Salmon Sashimi...because we needed it. 

The ultimate nigiris. These were the freshest, highest quality fish. And they were gloriously delicious.
Matcha Creme Brulee. This...just so good. 
Matcha Tiramisu. I can argue that this was better than the creme brulee. There's just too much amazingness going on here. 

That's it for this post! If you are in Toronto, and you don't mind spending some cash on high quality sushi, then you have to drop by. The main intersection is at Richmond and University. The restaurant is on Richmond. I loved it, and I would definitely go again.