Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Chrissy Travels: Episode 3.2 - Korea Part 3

Boo! Did you miss me? Are you excited to see what's up next? I hope you are, because I am wanting to go back to Korea this moment!

January 16, 2014 - Instead of skiing like the others, we shopped, roamed, explored and ate during this time. We then headed over to a place where we could learn how to make kimchi, and try on 한복 - Hanbok. Traditional Korean clothing. We ended the night with Korean BBQ (amazing!) and watching a comedic Kungfu show. This was the most relaxing day we had yet.
Started the day right with a super large breakfast! Leave it up to me to get fat during vacation right? :)
Skipped lunch and had a super large snack instead! Dumplings, fish cake, and spicy rice cakes! We even got hot chocolate from a vending machine. The cans come out warm, so it was great on a cold day. 
The people prepared everything for us to make some Kimchi. 
My finished Kimchi roll. This place is super kind. The kimchis that we make will be donated to orphanages and old folk's homes. That is why they are called "Loving Kimchi". I'm proud of my creation :)
This is the best colour combination of Hanbok that I tried on. Although, the grass things at the back of my head look funny....>.>;
Super cute old style tea set was there for us to post with. We were scolded cuz we still had our glasses on, but we fixed that immediately and both of us couldn't
Bored on the we decided it was time for selfies :)
Korean Barbecue! What was even more amazing was that we were told the guys were supposed to be the ones cooking. Our photographer oppa helped us with this (I am fully capable of bbqing) But it was great to see the guys work for the food. 
Poster of the super awesome comedic Kung Fu show we went to at the end of the night. It was GREAT! Too bad we didn't have time to stay behind to take pictures with the staff. =(
Our room was on the 12th floor, and as soon as you get off the elevator you see this. It made me smile. 
The last two days will be to be continued in my next post! I hope you have been enjoying these, because I really, really want to head back to Korea now...Or just binge on some Korean Dramas :)