Thursday, 13 February 2014

I Can't Dance~

Harro lovelies~

So while I was browsing through YouTube, I stumbled across a really awesome looking game. It's called Kpop Dance Festival. Basically, it is kind of like Just Dance, but with Kpop and their original choreography. I found that to be really amazing, so I asked my cousin if she could manage to get it. She did! I was super duper excited to try it out.

So at night time she brought her Wii over and plugged everything in for me. I played many of the songs on the list that night and realized one thing. I can't really dance! However, that didn't stop me from keep trying. I started off with only being able to pull off getting a C in almost all the dances. Slowly, I seemed to be getting better. I managed to grab a B in some songs. I called it a night and told her I would be filming myself "dancing" in the morning.

This is the result of that...Not much to say about it. I hope you enjoy it and I didn't butcher the bands/songs/dances for you guys. :) Also, the video is on Private. So if you guys can see this, consider yourself special ;)

I hope enjoyed my embarrassment! I hope you have/had/will have a wonderful Valentine's/Single's Awareness Day. If you didn't, it's okay because it will soon be half-price off Chocolates week! ;)