Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Korean Haul :3

Hello everyone!

Today marks the first day I will talk about my trip! However, I haven't had the time to gather all the photos and videos from my friends, so the actual trip blogs will be postponed for a little while (terribly sorry!)

I will, however, start the "hauls". It's just basically things I bought and if they are good, and why. Not interesting to most people, but maybe to some. (Also a good way for me to justify my purchase to myself)

I made a video on the stuff, so here it is. I will also talk about some other things below.

I tried the 100% Aloe gel, and I really enjoyed how nice it felt. Very cooling. I also used it on my dad when he burnt his finger cooking, so it's very multi-purpose.

I have used the eyeliner, and if I use an eyelid primer, it lasts pretty well and doesn't smudge too badly. I still prefer my gel-liner with primer on though.

As for the Miracle Skin Finish cream thing, I used it as a primer to my other BB Cream and found it made my skin look really white. Like...I am SUPER pale. I need to find a better way to wear that.

The Aloe sheet mask...there's not much to say, other than it was super duper moisturizing. :3

G-Dragon's CD. It was amazing. <3
Everything I talked about in my haul :3 Sorry, you can't see the BB Cream and CD too clearly. The sun got covered by clouds. =(

I only ate the 붕어빵 so all I have to say is that it is the most delicious cake in a box that I have had in a while. Those of you who live in Toronto, you can find these at the Korean Supermarket named "Galleria". My friend informed me of this right after I posted a picture of them on my Facebook. And here I thought I found something I couldn't get in Toronto :(

I lied, I had the Wasabi Seaweed during my trip. It tastes amazing. It clears up your sinuses, and still retains the seaweed taste. It is a must try :3
The foods I bought and talked about in my haul. 
That is all for now, if you want to see some snippets of my trip, I posted some random ones on my instagram during my trip. You can go there for some pictures (others will be up later because I need to gather all the photos taken and look through them, filter them and then post them) Here's my instagram link:

Other than that, I hope you all enjoy a very wonderful week~
Valentine's Day a.k.a. Single's Awareness Day is this Friday. What do you all have planned? I'm thinking I'll only be doing Chipotle with my Dude and then having a "double-date" with my cousin and her man the next day. May or may not vlog/do pictures of that. Depends on my mood. Any way, you can look forward to another haul, and trip posts soon ;)

With love~