Monday, 1 June 2015

My Greatest Inspiration

     Oh hi there, I haven't been around much, but that is not what I wanted to post about today. Today is the day I talk about the greatest papa in the world. What does the word Dad mean to all of you? To me, it means love, care, patience, and strength. My dad was my superman growing up, and he still is. Sure, he's lost his six-pack that used to scare all my male-friends away, but he is still that awesome person. Now, when you see your superman in a weak state, or looking defeated, something changes in you. You don't believe that it's actually happening, and after that, there will be a spark of strength and energy. The energy to persevere and help your superman pass this obstacle in life.
My silly superman. 
     I experienced that process three years ago. My dad had a surgery to remove a pituitary tumor that was compressing on his optic nerves. He lost some of his vision, and the hope of recover was crushed by the medical doctors. They told him he would never get back to 100%. It took me one full year of nutrient-dense smoothies and optimistic coaxing for my dad to believe he can do it.
     Before the surgery, my dad did work in embroidery. That occupation required great vision. He was really sad that he couldn't continue his work, but not everything in the office required 100% vision. He manages to fix the machines at close proximity.

Yes, the machine was fixed after this.
     He still cooks better than me, and many others that I know. Many of his friends still ask him for help with renovations, and I never hesitate to ask him to help fix anything, because he is able-bodied even without all of his vision. This spring, he even made a greenhouse out of tent supports, plastic sheets, velcro and a stapler. I don't know many people who could do this with all their eyesight.

We've had our first harvest of bok-choi and they tasted pretty awesome.
Standing proudly beside the green-tent
     This post is for my daddy, who is and forever will be my Superman. If you've read this, I encourage you to contact your loved ones (biological or chosen family too!) and give them a hug or show them how much they mean to you. Because no matter what happens, you know they will always have your back.

Oh, and if people end up reading or showing this to my lovely papa, HAPPY EARLY FATHER'S DAY! <3

Much love,