Saturday, 7 December 2013

Catching up with Chinese food :3

Haro humans!
I'm sorry I have been neglecting my blogging duties! I have been extremely busy helping out at my dad's workplace. However, I have been quite good at taking delicious pictures of food! It all starts with dessert ;)
Red bean dessert. Kind of like a sweet soup. We (my family and I and Lucas) went out to dinner and this restaurant just happened to know that Lucas loves this dessert. They brought out a HUGE bowl for him. I felt like a peasant eating my tiny bowl beside him.  
Then my parents made congee for the weekend. Mmm....congee. If you don't know what congee is, it's basically rice porridge. I like mine with chicken. Sometimes pork is very acceptable. :3
Chicken congee! I made some garlic pita/toast to go with it. It tasted pretty good together. 
I got a rare day off the Thursday, and Lucas came over to make food with/for me. It was a delicious egg with beef, mushrooms, peppers and onions in a pita. Yummmz...
The egg cooking in the cast iron pan (don't you just love how it's a square?) 
The filling of the egg. Beef, mushrooms and red bell peppers! Delicious :3
Finished product! This was my brunch. <3
Then it turned out that on my day off, my parents worked extra late at work and asked me to make dinner. Soooo, Lucas and I ended up making a last minute Chinese meal
Left: Green cabbage stir-fried with coconut oil
Top middle: Steamed pork on a bed of oyster mushrooms
Bottom middle: Steamed egg with a little bit of sesame oil
Right: Purple cabbage stir-fried with coconut oil
All served with a bowl of rice. Doesn't it just look so healthy and yummy? =)
Now, since we've been so busy at my dad's work, we haven't really been cooking at home too much. So we went out to dinner once again! (I was too hungered to take pictures of the food...sowwie) This restaurant gave us fortune cookies! Here's what mine said ;)
Mister fortune was being really nice to me! I can't wait to see what this wonderful thing is =D
Last but not least, tonight! We went out to dinner to celebrate that we finished a large order at work. We decided to try a new place (my little brother was studying and couldn't join us :( but we got him take out!) This place tasted soooooooo good! We had: chicken congee, "fried two" (ja leung) a fried dough wrapped in a thin rice flour wrap, onion pork chop with rice, soft-shell crab fried rice, street style XO sauce rice flour pancakes, and calamari. I didn't get pictures of everything (because we were busy devouring it all), but here's pictures of the ones I managed to catch.
Onion pork chop with rice. They put the rice in a pyramid shape! It's the cutest thing ever! It also tasted heavenly <3
Soft-shell crab fried rice. OMG guys...I'm allergic to many shelled seafoods, so for me to to eat this, and for my dad to order this for me meant a lot to me. I took a risk here. And it was well worth it. Super delicious! 
Stree styled XO sauce rice flour pancake things. These are so delicious! When dipped in the hoisen sauce and peanut sauce it's just super good. A little spicy from the XO sauce, and a little sweet from the hoisen and peanut sauces. A must try! Even better if you have these in  Hong Kong where they are sold on the street like hot dogs are sold in North America. ;)
That's been my life so far. Nothing too extraordinary other than food galore! Oh I got a job! It's an extremely part time job where I am on contract for a certain time whenever they need me (if I'm available). So I'm really lucky and happy!

An update on my trip to Asia! Everything is pretty much planned, plus minus a few details. I have made a packing list and bought my medicines and certain essentials. I really want to start packing, but I know that's just really ridiculous. It's just because I'm super excited and nervous to go on this trip! Three weeks from now I will be on a plane to travel across the world!

I shall update you guys later! Until next time food junkies!