Saturday, 16 November 2013

I have been a derp >.>;

Hello internet addicts!

Since my last post, I have been pretty busy with family and stuff. Our house guests left to go back to their home, and we had to get things back in order. One thing that happened while the guests were over was that my dad and I both got addicted to this Chinese snack that we used to eat when I was vewy little. I stopped having it because it didn't stick to our "as little processed food as possible" diet. But now that we're addicted...there is a pack here and there throughout the house. What are these snacks? Want Want Rice Crackers. Not just any one. The "Snow" ones. Omg...they are so delicious...Here's a picture :3

Since we are both addicted, we bought the "family pack". These things are amazingly good. 
I normally like eating them right out of the packet. I don't like dirtying my hands >_>;
P.S. sorry for the blurry/low quality photo. I started eating the cracker before I was fast enough to grab my camera, so I made do with my phone...
On to another reason why I was too "busy" to make blog posts about anything. (mostly, I have just been lazy and boring, but it's also due to the fact that I had nothing too interesting to write about) My parents found a good vacation deal to go on a tour of Asia. So naturally, they told me to go (I say naturally only because my dad isn't well enough to go travelling. Else he would've left me and my brother home alone for two months...) So for the past little while I have been planning this vacation with my Bff(s) and it's going to happen! I will officially be going on the first FAR away vacation UNsupervised. Be proud of me and scared for me. XD While I was planning, my boyfriend brought over his large suit case for me. He also thought it would be a good idea to see if I would fit in it........I ended up making this short video for giggles. (I seriously laughed for a long time before, and after filming this) I hope you laugh/giggle as much as I did :3

Now onto a food discovery! We all know the health benefits of Kimchi, and if you don't, please google it! I cannot spend a whole blog post talking about the benefits of it (cuz I rather not copy and past wiki). We also know how delicious roast beef is (for those of you who can't have beef, I'm sorry. Perhaps you could try with chicken? C:) So the discovery is putting the two together, in a tortilla and rolling it up like a burrito/fajita. It tastes amazing for lunch! Another discovery was spreading some peanut butter onto a slice of tortilla, then some nutella on top of it, and spreading banana slices in the middle then rolling it up. That is a beautiful and quick breakfast idea (not super healthy, but it'll do ^-^). Here are pictures I remembered to take of them:

Not the prettiest of pictures, but it sure was delicious! I feel that it could use some lettuce/green onion too. 
This was delicious! I served it with a side of golden delicious apple. You can't really see the peanut butter here, but I assure you it is resting comfortably under the nutella. 
Let me know if you plan on trying these two creations out! (If you have instagram and would like to show me, please feel free to tag me @rikateddy )

Other than that, I have nothing more to update! When I DO leave for my vacation, and if you DO want to keep updated, try to subscribe to my YouTube page. I will be trying to upload vlogs to that. And if I don't end up uploading while I'm there, (highly likely that I wont end up having good wifi i most places) then please please please be patient with me. I WILL be gone for about a month, and will be returning on the evening of Lunar New Year. So I really will not be updating right away (and I will have to edit the vlogs...soooo...yah).

Okie dokie, I wont waste any more of your time.

Until next time~