Monday, 14 October 2013

Home Alone...Kinda

Haro wonderful humans of the interwebs~
Sooooo, it is a long weekend here in the wonderful land of Canada (Thanksgiving). My parents decided to bring my step grandparents to travel around (Montreal, Ottawa and Qu├ębec), leaving myself and my younger brother home...alone. My boyfriend also went travelling with his family over to the US of A. My brother, decided to make plans and he is out basically every night =( I have been here...alone...(Have I said I was alone yet?) This started on Friday (since we took a super long weekend) and sooo...this happened.

I started off the day with my boyfriend surprising me with breakfast he cooked <3 Then we watched a movie on Netflix (The Other Guys) and then he had to go home to prepare for his trip. My brother then left to go hang out with his friends, leaving me all alone. So I took this time to pop in another movie (The Ramen Girl). After watching a movie about food, I decided I needed some dinner (it was like...6:30pm) I headed to The Real Jerk that just opened down the street to grab some delicious Jerk Chicken to go. I had that with another movie! (Unleashed) I probably should have stopped watching movies at this point because I was starting to develop a headache, but being the dumbass that I am, I watched another one (Ip Man). I ended off the night with a horrifying migraine and feeling nauseated. =\ (Yeah. I'm so smart...)
1/2 Jerk Chicken with a bottle of Ting

I woke up with the same horrible migraine and was still nauseated (which sucked...). So instead of making food for myself and my brother, I texted him to ask him to do it. His room is down the hall...the fact that I had to text him proved how bad it was. Instead of making food, he got his friend to buy it for us. lol (that's how our friendships work...) So after I had some bbq pork and soya sauce chicken over rice, I tried to rest up some more. I started to feel better (still had the headache but not nauseated anymore) around ... like 4pm ish. By then I called my bestfriends foreverrrrrr and they ended up dropping by and checking up on me and just chatting to get my mind off the pain. (I love you guys <3) At the end of the day, I just had a salad that was left over from the BBQ my family had (I added strawberries and a boiled egg in it) And of course, in my half dead state, I didn't remember to take a picture. Forgive me?

Today was a promised day for baking muffins. The two besties who came over on Saturday came over today to make some delicious muffins with me. We made batches of gluten-free apple muffins and a healthy lemon poppy seed quinoa muffin. We also steamed some dumplings while the muffins were in the oven (because we needed some lunch). My parents came home Sunday morning (4am) so they didn't really wake up until 2pm today. We had an early dinner (well...not that early) and then we decided to have midnight snack (pizza). Today was a good day with no headaches and no other illnesses or symptoms (celebrate!!!). We kinda celebrated Thanksgiving a little early (not with the pizza, but we plan on having some turkey leg on Monday. 
Apple muffins and lemon poppy seed muffins. =)
Pizza and wedges from Pizza Pizza. Sad thanksgiving dinner >_>;

The plan for today was to sleep in, enjoy some of them delicious muffins and then have a nice dinner with my family. Things never do go according to planned...right? (or is it just me?) Soooooo...I was rudely awakened today at the ungodly hour of 10am (those of you who are early risers are probably scoffing...but I went to bed at 2am =( cut me some slack). I was told that we had to go have some dim sum with my uncle and aunty. Being the good little child I was, I woke up and got ready to go (even though I don't enjoy dim sum). I went, didn't have too great of a time (and of course didn't take pictures...sorry) and returned home to finally enjoy two of my mini muffins. 
I love my shoes!!! C: I get a 2.5 inch boost ;)

All ready. It's already getting really cold in Toronto.
If you're lucky enough to be still wearing shorts, savour it!
The weather here in Toronto is pretty crazy. It's generally warm enough during the afternoons where you can get away with just a sweater and long pants, but once evening comes around, you better have some warm clothes to crawl into. The temperature can do a 10 degree drop in hour. I kid you not! I'm not going to start with the stupid wind that blows as soon as you are out of sunlight. Sighhh...I kinda miss summer, but at the same time I love cuddling and fuzzy/cozy clothes. So I'm kind of torn between loving and not-so-loving the current weather. ;)

Back on topic, my friends came over again (a different pair of friends), but just to hang out. We just chatted and watched YouTube for a bit (Kpop Star Season 1) and then they headed home and I had my dinner. In the middle of dinner, Lucas dropped by to drop off some souvenirs. He came back from his trip to the states and brought me a wonderful gift! (along with a present for his BFF that I'm assuming he wants me to wrap up) I've been wanting one of these for the whole summer (and ever since I started making my own fruit flavoured waters).
Flavour Infuser Pitcher. I love it! Already putting it to use ;)
All in all, this long weekend was wonderful. I am pretty thankful for what I have now. Sometimes it's easy to fall into a depression and forget the wonderful things and people you have close by. I do this a lot. I guess, I want to correct that and start to have a happier life. Who wants to do this challenge with me? Just forgetting the things/people who piss you off or just don't see eye-to-eye with you, while loving and caring for the ones who deserve it. I learned something valuable this Thanksgiving, and I hope I will be able to remember this for the rest of my life and learn from it. (Now that it's in writing, I hope I can remember it the next time I get upset over something small) I hope that made's kind of hard to express what I feel right now. =|

Anywhooooooo, for those who live in Canada, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And for those of you who don't, I hope you had a good weekend. I will see you all next time! Stay warm, and eat lots of food yummy foods! =3