Sunday, 28 July 2013

Intro to My Randoms of the Interwebs =)

Hello humans of the interwebs!

My name is Christina and I have been persuaded to start blogging! Why would a random person start blogging you ask? Well, I've got these recipes that I have been tweeking and trying to make healthier, and my best friends have told me to try to put them online somehow. I also seem to enjoy documenting my food and diet via photos, and posting them onto the book of many faces doesn't seem too great of an idea any more. I generally enjoy taking pictures of cute/pretty/delicious food. Most of the time I have made the food myself, but sometimes it would be pictures of food from restaurants/party/etc.

Here are some pictures off my instagram:

I cooked a fancy-ish lunch for myself and my boyfriend. 

This was an anniversary packed dinner for my boyfriend. He told me he had work =(

Turns out he booked off and had planned this amazing day for us to celebrate. This was taken at Moroco Chocolat and the dessert I got was so good. Sorbet was encased in a circular chocolate ball, and the waitress delivered it to me and poured liquid chocolate onto the ball. It melted away the top and revealed this beautiful mountain of berries on frozen lemon sorbet. Amazing. <3

This was made from an apple. My best friends, my boyfriend and myself were having a birthday brunch on my birthday and the waiter found out. He spent a good 20 minutes making this for me. I was extremely touched and happy. <3 

Felt super fancy one morning and made myself this. Avocado BLT, veggie omelette with some cheese, bacon and a cup of OJ on the side.

A little snack/dessert I made for myself while waiting on dinner. It's organic chocolate ice cream sitting on a bed of puffed quinoa and cereal with a Chocolate dipped strawberry on top.

This was a typical breakfast for me when I was in school a few months ago. Oatmeal with a bunch of fruits. No sugar added =)

Sometimes when I just cannot be bothered to cook something beautiful, I just put a bunch of leftovers together and make it into an emergency Bibimbap. 

This is my most recent experiment. Made an almond fruit tart for the first time. My family loved it and I had so much fun making it. 

A bit more about myself...I will be 24 this year, and have just finished school. My passion is with food and health, and that is where I wish to head towards. I have recently changed my diet slightly and have seen so many good side-effects from it, that I don't want to stop. I forced myself to not eat fast foods and my whole family had started to eat organic foods. The changes I saw in myself was that I didn't get sick as often (or at all, really), my allergies were much more milder than normal (I used to need injections weekly and take over the counter pills to be able to walk outside), and my eczema seemed to be lessening. Personally, just the fact that I feel more energized and healthy was good enough.

Now the story of quitting fast food is funny, and maybe it can inspire some of you out there to try it out:

The first month was deadly. Every single time I walked past a McDonalds I would be craving their fries, nuggets, Fillet-o-Fish, and McFlurry, but I persevered. Let me tell you, it SUCKED. I had never craved something so badly before. I even cheated a few times and stole a fry or two from my boyfriend or my best friends whenever they would go in. My parents too! They did not do this "diet" change and so I suffered by myself. At one point I just told myself, "If you keep cheating like that, then it's useless. Just do it (haha...Nike slogan), or just give up." So I put my foot down and I'd rather starve and wait til I got home, than walk into a fast food chain. However, once I got past that point, I no longer craved it any more. I think it's because I have washed it out of my diet and showed my brain and body that I do not NEED the fries and nuggets, so now it doesn't crave it at all, and I feel great.

By sharing my journey of diet change and cooking, I wish to be able to help people realize how easy it can be to cook something nutritious and delicious. I hope that maybe I can inspire some people to start making small diet changes to live a healthier lifestyle.

That's enough blabbing for now I think, even if no one reads my blog, it's ok. Aside from the food posts, I will likely post adventures and random things here just to document what I've been doing. This way, it's stored away somewhere for me to look back on whenever I please. =)  Or be able to laugh at myself and feel embarrassed about it. However way this may turn out, see you next time!

- Chrissymon