Monday, 29 July 2013

First "recipe" YouTube video?

Hello humans! (assuming there are humans reading this)

So...I filmed my first ever "recipe" video for the YouTubez today. I was nervous, it wasn't super awesome lik all the others, but hey, it's all me. =) I tried my best and I put myself out there. It's probably the scariest thing I've done so far in my life...maybe. Why is it the scariest? I'll be putting myself out there to be eaten alive by trolls and haters. (Also assuming people will be watching the video) I'm using it as a test and a step for myself to increase my self-confidence and go onto my next step in life. Not that I will be hoping to become YouTube famous, but if that happens...yay~

So...what brought this video on was that I've seen recipes here and there for it, but no video...I think. Not that I looked, but it's just something I've been doing recently and I wanted to share it! Plain water is sometimes hard to swallow, so instead of going out to buy juices and pop, I've started to make my own flavoured water!

Lime & Mint Flavoured Water

Strawberry & Blueberry Flavoured Water

Those are the types of water that you can make with just normal fruits you have in your fridge. I normally have frozen berries in my fridge all the time because I love making smoothies, but you can use fresh fruits too. With fresh fruits, you'll have to leave them for a few hours (I usually leave mine overnight) to have the flavours infuse into the water. I can normally drink the frozen fruit water immediately, because it melts so quickly. Another plus with the frozen fruits option is that I wont need ice cubes! It'll already be cold, so yay~

Here are some flavours you could make:
Strawberry & Blueberry:
small handful of blueberries 
2-3 medium sized strawberries (halved/quartered)
1L water

Lemon & Cucumber & Mint:
3-4 slices of lemon
4-6 slices of cucumber
5 fresh mint leaves
1L water
*optional - you can add 1tsp of grated ginger and turn this into a detox drink*

Lime & Mint:
3-4 slices of lime
4-5 fresh mint leaves
1L water

half an orange in slices
1L water
*optional - you can try to add some strawberries to the mix for a strawberry orange drink*

Strawberry & Kiwi:
2-3 medium sized strawberries (halved/quartered)
1/2 kiwi sliced
1L water

Enjoy these chilled on a hot summer day, at the beach, or at a BBQ. It is superbly refreshing. And the video I filmed on these drinks will be here:

Thanks for reading! Until next time...-insert cape flip- ;)